Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunch Time



Pork and Beans and Weenies

 This delectable little dish is a delightful delicacy of the poor. It is best served when you have no money. Being poor adds to the richness of the full-bodied-taste. It has an aroma like a bouquet of the finest meat and beans saturated in pork fat and a lovely sauce you can only dream of. Sweet dreams of Beans, Beans, “Pork and Beans and Weenies,” so sweet, you don’t want to wake up. Mm, Mm good! Pork and beans are a tasty Mm, Mm good.  


Mind you Pork and Beans and Weenies are a required, acquired taste. Unfortunately for some, once one chooses to consume this extraordinary lunch, one might not want to consume it again, having tasted a variety of other more expensive delicacies.


Probably because Pork and Beans and Weenies remind them of where they came from and they don’t want to return to that state. Whichever the state they were from they were poor.

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