Saturday, October 13, 2012

BIG !!!!!!

I don’t have many pictures that I took myself the reason is multifold. My Dad was a freelance photographer and he bought me a twin lens reflect camera to go along with his camera. His was a Yashica  Mat an mine was a Yashica D. I loved taking pictures with it, for you can see through the top lens through its screen. It had a grid and a drop down magnifying glass. I was beautiful with a patterned yellow strap, strobe flash attached the side, and my carrying case for film storage and the like. I looked like my Dad.  I impressed many people when I took public pictures.

Later I met two sisters who were models who worked for the same bank I did. One of them was in need if a portfolio so I took her to my Dads studio. He was equipped for black and white processing. I proudly showed him the photo’s and what did he do? He changed the lock on the studio door so I could not get in. I did not say anything because he was my Dad, but I never bought a camera for myself.

Perhaps he recognized her and her sister.  We had a copy of Players magazine on the job. It was one of the first magazines that featured Ebony women topless. For some reason the two befriended me and hence the photographs. Shortly after they quit and did not want to be friends anymore. But that’s a different story.

I have taken many photographs over the years with disposable cameras only to be lost through two divorces, and an eviction. Also, I just got tired of scanning them into my computer so I tossed many in the trash.

I am now going to look through my folder entitled, “A Pictures” and see if I have a picture that exemplify big to me.

Let the pictures speak for themselves.









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