Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trifecta - Dwell

It is like I spent my whole life dwelling upon

While others passed me by I often heard, “We stopped talking about that a long time ago.”

It is my responsibility to use my investigative personality to dwell on social, political, and religious matters like the Hardy Boys and Sherlock Homes.

My favorites are when so many jump on a band wagon. I ask myself why? Is it as another social experiment. That Synthesis is the beginning of another Thesis and Antithesis. I follow it, and dwell upon it from present, past and future.

To properly dwell on a topic can take a number of years. There is the beginning, the mid point and the conclusion. I use a systematic approach to study. It is fun but I make some people angry. It is similar to following sports.

It seems that theory and fact are gathered. Then manipulated, turned to some advantage, proving their predetermined conclusion. Likewise, an academic study accepts criteria that support their foregone conclusions. That offends me.

My joy is to dwell upon many things, do my own investigation from the evidence included, and the evidence not included. Their theme is, “Out the Old in with the New! New is better! Everything must become obsolete! History is irrelevant or trivia!”

Oh I miss the record stores. A real person would help me plus the many other social aspects in the mall.

Previous generations asked this important question, “If a million people jump off the Golden Gate Bridge would you?” Over the years we dwelled upon this dubious question. No one has survived that fall yet and it can take 100 years for a million.

I chose not offend anyone so I won’t list my top ten pet peeves I dwell upon.  I challenge you however to dwell upon this: Everyone has the freedom of speech, no one has the freedom to express their own opinions, but who can stop us from dwelling and praying?


  1. As long as the dwelling is proper, I think Okay. Clever piece.

  2. Interesting choice of topic! Thanks for linking up.

  3. This was different, but in a nice way. You made me think about "dwell" in an entirely new way. Nice take on the word prompt.

  4. Thank you all for your understanding. Thank you Trifecta for letting express myself. It takes the virtual community to find readers, listeners, comprehinsion (.s.p), commentators, and taught and improve my writting skills.

    I was so excited by the 3rd definition of dwell. I am a day dreamer and thinker!