Thursday, March 28, 2013

My fleeting seconds of television fame

Have you had fleeting seconds of television fame? Tell me about them!

I was a Chaplain working part time at a retirement home with 300 residents and 300 staff when my second wife the Evangelist said to me, “Honey, you need to get a real job and I found one. I talked to the head Chaplain and he said, “How do you do that?” He had a woman to train in my place. I liked her.

Well I said my good bye, dragged my face which was on the floor behind me. I put my face back on after I closed the door behind me. I thought, “Why did I have to work at this Fly-By-Night company.” I like getting paid to be a Chaplain never mind that it was a low pay part time job.

The job came with its perks. One day I stuffed myself with éclairs that just happened to be in the refrigerator. Hey, no one was looking! What did Fly-By-Night have to offer compared to éclairs? Well, I found out, donuts and coffee once a month.

 So what, I wanted to be Chaplain and I did not know what a Chaplain is. However I did see one on Mash. Father somethingorother. But that’s another story.

Anyway, while we were having donuts and coffee at the monthly staff meeting they made a video recording of it. I thought Hmm. So I inquired about it. I thought wow, “That’s why I am here!” I became a TV producer of my own TV show. Well, that is what I thought. My wife became the host and said it was her TV show somebody meddling said.

But I did have fleeting seconds of television fame. She let me interview a staff member of the Bible College I graduated from, Bay Cities Bible College in Oakland. You have to have a wife or a girlfriend to understand the natural order of things. She will train you with her superior intellect.

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