Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What do you think the state of the State should be?


Look closely at the U.S. symbol for justice. It is a woman in a male dominated society. That has she is blindfolded so she can not see and does not have to see. You can not judge something that has been seen. The remedy for that is they have tipped the scales in favor of government. Our government is a republic. Justice for us is not balanced. They always lean to the same way. They always lean towards the law and the dictate of the law that is constantly being changed by lawmakers.

Theocracy: the problem began for us when we decided to not be under Theocracy. We wanted government. We were warned that government is a cruel taskmaster but we wanted anyway. So there you have it in a nut shell.

Under Theocracy marriage was not a legal matter. Government did not exist for us. It was not up to the government to license. It was not up the men and women of Church to provide wedding festivals. It was not necessary.  

Thousands of years after we decided we wanted government to be our slave master you have to be married to make it legitimate. We did not object for we did not know what that meant. Under Theocracy we become one flesh male and female. Under government the courts are not held to any constraints. We don’t understand a legal document. It is not written for our understanding by government constraint.

So what has one flesh become? A legal marriage. So how do define marriage. It is up to the government to decide. How can government decide what marriage is? For one we gave our rights to be one flesh and condemned the practice. One flesh has been redefined as marriage. Marriage is not a union of a male and a female. Marriage is a union between a male and a female, and government with government dictating the terms of marriage. The Church has been successful in redefining one flesh into their ideas of marriage.

Now, they have dictated what constitutes marriage is not intent to procreate. The purpose of marriage is to take in orphans or procreate. Same sex marriages can take care of orphans and opposite sex marriages can take care of procreation. But it still remains and will always remain becoming one flesh under Theocracy.

Why be concerned about government when we have Theocracy? Who can condemn us? Who can separate us? No not one.

Under Theocracy everything is taken care of. Under government they tip the scale towards the government, blind fold themselves, and therefore one person is not responsible. It seems to work.

The one thing proponents of same sex marriage and participants of same sex marriage have not considered. The laws that govern marriage that already exist. They haven’t had time. It has been only four years since they considered married. And ignorance of the law is no excuse. For instance if same sex marriges want to have children of their own.

Well, they would be guilty of adutlry in all 50 states. And under Theocracy and under government that is legal grounds for divorce. Under Theocracy you don’t have to get a a divorce. Under government they will enforce it. The scale is already tipped when the laws were passed. That goes for any and every law past present and future. Who knows what future laws that will govern marriage.

How many people are Gay in the U.S? How many people out of that number want to get married? These and a lot of other questions have not been added to the discussion. Some questions are very sensitive and they already have moved to the United States Supreme Court to render a decision?

They want yet another legal remedy so fast the populous won’t know what hit them. They are caught up in the fury of what Gay people now say is a civil rights movement similar that what took place in the 60’s which was about racial equality.
They already have those benefits.

We all need time and more information. It will take at least a generation 40 years to know what the effect is on everybody

We would not have issues under Theocracy. We wanted government to make all our decisions. We got what we wanted. We are like sheep that has no master.

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